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Thank you for visiting our website: www.swongcpa.com.
We are pleased to announce the relocation of our San Francisco headquarter to the following address:

2010 Pioneer Court
San Mateo, CA 94403, U.S.A.

Tel:            (415) 732-1288
                  (650) 638-0808


Success Stories

Sino Gas International Holdings, Inc.

Sino Gas International Holdings, through its wholly owned subsidiary Beijing Gas Co., owns and operates 37 natural gas distribution systems serving approximately 100,900 residential and 5 industrial customers.  Sino Gas International Holdings is one of the first and largest compressed natural gas suppliers in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the first Chinese natural gas supplier which publicly traded on the OTCBB market under the ticker symbol SGAS in 2006.

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Assurance Services

The complexity of today's economy calls for accounting services that extend beyond basic bookkeeping. And because we understand that many companies today need more than just a CPA to take care of their books, we offer a broad spectrum of assurance services which include audit, review, and compilation reports. All of our assurance services are conducted to independently accumulate and evaluate evidence to support, in varying degrees, the fairness of a company's financial position, result of it